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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012



Our Europe adventure has finally come to a close. We’ve returned home to South Africa and are getting back into the swing of things. Here is the last episode of our adventures in England. As some of you may know, I had to go to England with only my ten-year-old daughter Danny—Chris and the rest of the team were needed to host seminars in Holland.

 I went to England even though I was a bit nervous and scared, seeing as I’ve never taught seminars without Chris or the team before. England had been on my heart since our first Europe Mission trip last year, so this year I was determined to go. I really felt that Jesus wanted me to spend time there and to lift up and encourage the brethren. So I went. I cried the night before, but then I dried my tears and went on my way.

 I asked Jesus to send angels to help me, since I’m not very good with directions and didn’t want to get lost with my daughter alone in a big city such as London. Jesus answered my prayers and sent angels all along the way to help me. One of them was Genty who organized everything for the first half of our journey. She prepared food and drove us around and both she and her son Jonathan took such good care of us.

 They invited us to Bournemouth and we hosted three seminars in that general area. I had invited three good friends: Joan, Matthew and Eva. They had helped with the Italian seminars and came to help teach again! It’s so much better to work as a team and they did wonderfully! The meetings went smoothly and people were responsive and grateful for our time with them. Many were encouraged and strengthened.
One lady named Maria, whom I’d prayed for last year for healing of diabetes, was at one of these seminars. I asked her how things went after the prayer, and she said that her diabetes count went way down upon checking it at home. Praise God! Each miracle is really exciting for me!

I also got a chance to meet Danielle, the woman that we prayed for in the Parma (Italy) seminar that came out of her wheelchair. She was still having some difficulty with her balance. After prayer she said that her balance was much better. Her deaf ear also opened up. Thank you Jesus!

Next we went on to London. The seminar there went very well. It’s been interesting to see how each place we teach at is so different. In England many people had been through a lot and needed emotional as well as physical healing. We prayed and watched as the love of Jesus cleansed and restored the broken hearts.

If anyone that attended was healed or if you still need more prayer, please let me know so we can keep speaking healing into your bodies.

 Healing is not always an overnight thing, and if yours doesn’t come overnight, don’t feel bad! Just keep striving toward your goal! Keep speaking to your body daily proclaiming the truth! Speak to your emotions too and tell them what to do and in the name of Jesus it WILL BE DONE!

 For those of you who know about my former case of dermatitis, you will know that it didn’t go away overnight. Undeterred, I kept speaking to it commanding it to be healed every single day and it obeyed and bowed to the name of Jesus! Although it wasn’t instant, I still got healed and I’m still healed to this day. Praise the Lord!

 In London, a really sweet lady named Rose took us in. She had some family members and friends with health problems whom we got a chance to pray for. After the rest of my team left, the Lord kept me at Rose’s for a couple more days, and I spent that time with Genty going from person to person and praying for each one.

There were some Nigerian nurses who Genty and I prayed for. We broke every evil work and catapulted these fiery women into their spiritual and physical destiny. They were really praising the Lord and shouting Hallelujah! It was awesome! There were also a couple of sweet Eastern European ladies that we prayed for. We claimed emotional and physical healing and they asked the King of Kings into their lives with tears in their eyes.

There was another really incredible lady that used to be an atheist; she was struggling emotionally in many ways with different things. She let Jesus into her life, and as we touched her, she felt His power flowing through her. We told her that Jesus has called her to be a light to those in darkness and gave her a short run-down on how to heal the sick. After she received the Holy Spirit, she looked radiant, laughing and clearly experiencing complete joy which had begun to take over her heart and mind! It was such a beautiful transformation to see. I could tell that the devil had been fighting her because Jesus really wanted to use her life as she was really powerful in spirit!

Genty wound up staying with me almost the whole way and became my co-worker. We went around ministering, encouraging and praying for anyone we could. We even prayed for some people on the streets and for a lady in the subway who expressed her thankfulness to us for taking the time for her. It’s so nice to just walk around giving love and prayer to every person you meet. It actually re- energizes you because Jesus’ love has transforming power!

After Genty left, Isaac kindly let me stay at his place. During my last few days Christine, a friend of mine, came to visit me wanting training and prayer. I also took time to visit some of my good friends in the area who I knew from South Africa. I was so glad to see them.Thanks to Mia, Liz and Claire who also made time in their busy schedules for me.

 Jesus also sent Faye to me. She took me around London and to people that needed prayer and was a good friend to Danni and I. She’s a real sweetheart and I really appreciated that she was there with me during that time.

 All in all, the Lord really did it. The message was delivered with power, many were encouraged and fires were ignited. We had a good time and the Lord surely carried us. There were times when I was extremely tired and I didn’t think I could continue, but during those times the Lord was my strength and He kept me through. I consider people really precious so I love taking time for them—people are the reason for everything we do.

 Much love and thanks to my awesome team: Joan, Eva, Matthew, Genty and Johnny; and last, but certainly not least, Nora—an amazing woman—who organized the London seminar. These meetings wouldn’t have come together if it weren’t for each of you! Thanks for everything!

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