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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Foot Nearly Amputated Receives Healing!

We have an awesome testimony about Chris’ dad, Richard. He had diabetes which affected his blood circulation and made him lose feeling in his feet. Over the years the doctors have removed a few of his toes. That, of course, was at a time when we didn’t know that we could pray for the sick and that they would recover. Now things are different and we understand that we have authority over sickness. In 2010 doctors discovered that he also had an infection in his blood and because of the situation the doctor said that they would have to amputate his foot. At this time we were just learning all that we now know about healing.


This was a real time of testing for Chris as he really had to stand strong despite his dad’s circumstances being unchanged for quite awhile. Chris, his mom, and Richard stood strong together and the Lord miraculously intervened. In the end, the doctors finally agreed not to amputate his foot as Richard stood in faith and told them he didn’t want them to amputate because he believed that Jesus had healed him. The first doctor wasn’t too happy, but the second one agreed not to amputate as he said he believes in divine healing as well! What a miracle! It was a huge war being waged in the spirit for Richard’s healing, but Jesus won! Instead of amputating they did a bone scraping and took out one small toe bone. Now Richard is looking well and happy and his foot is completely restored! Praise God! If Jesus healed this one sickness, He certainly can heal them all.


Update: Richard’s foot is completely healed! Praise God! God bless Chris, who was a huge source of strength and encouragement to his dad and mom during this time. He never doubted for one second that Richard was indeed healed—despite the circumstances—and Jesus honoured that faith and Richard was healed!


– Terez


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