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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Gangrene Healed!

Today we went to the hospital and again the Lord did some incredible stuff. I was with a friend named Lizel, who wants to do more for the Lord. This was her first time praying for the sick and she did great! One of the first women that we prayed for had gangrene in her feet. The gangrene was so advanced that her feet had turned black and her toes were shrivelled up! It was kind of hard to look at, but Jesus didn’t care how people looked. We knew she desperately needing healing so we asked her if we could pray for her healing and she said yes. We began praying fervently for her commanding this spirit of destruction and death to leave her body and feet! After prayer, I noticed that part of her foot looked lighter but I wasn’t sure so I kept praying. Right then Lizel said,”The colour of her foot looks lighter” and that’s when I knew that it was real—colour  was beginning to come back! We also helped her to walk around and we kept commanding her complete healing again and again, and as we did it became more and more obvious that the colour was returning! When we first got there, half of the top of her feet were completely black and the bottoms of both her feet were black too. Now, after praying a few times, the black was going away more and more until the only black part left was on her toes. The bottom of her feet weren’t black anymore; they were like a mixture of pinkish and a little light grey. It was such a miracle! We were just thanking Jesus for what He was doing right before our very eyes for this precious, elderly, Afrikaans woman. I nearly cried as I was so excited (I am every single time the Lord heals someone)! It was such a huge victory in the spirit as it was so plain to see that light is so much stronger than darkness!

Every person we prayed for said that the pain left and they felt so much better and felt at peace after we prayed for them. All in all, it was such an awesome day and I’m so happy that Lizel joined me too as it’s so exciting to be a part of all the amazing things that Jesus is doing lately!

If you would like to start your own healing ministry please email or contact me on Face Book and I will let you know how you too can heal the sick! There’s nothing more fulfilling in the world, I can promise you that much! ”These signs shall follow them that believe.”–(Mk 16:17,18)

– Terez

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  1. Good morning, I am contacting you for prayer…I read how you prayed for the elderly lady’s gangrene foot and it was healed…praise GOD! My mother also has gangrene toes (big toe and the next toe to it) and we have been praying Ezekiel 37 over it. However, I am requesting prayer for her foot as well. It is her left foot and her name is Dorris Engram from Berwyn, IL. I will say I am seeing a change in her foot, but it has not been as rapid as yours…I am seeing new skin underneath the dried dark black shriveled skin. We know GOD will do it, because He already did it for her other toe, when her toenail on the right foot became very dark and brittle. It eventually came off…however, I had been praying over her other foot before what happen to the left foot and not only did the toenail come off, their was another toenail underneath and that came off with the first top toenail, but a third toenail was growing in its place…hallelujah!! My mom has a brand new toenail on her right big toe after 2 came off, completely. Amen…So this gangrene, I expect to be totally healed with brand new toes and foot with new skin, in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you and GOD bless

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