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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Granny Gets Healed

We’ve just recently started going to hospitals in Mamelodi to pray for the sick and spend time with the people. We’ve been going twice a week. This week I saw some awesome miracles! Praise Jesus!


One old lady I met could hardly walk. In fact, earlier she changed seats and I had to help her walk a very short distance. She walked very slowly and was hunched over her walking cane.


I asked her what she was sick with and she told me that she had a bad case of arthritis. She couldn’t lift her arms at all or walk properly due to all her joints being stiff and sore. I asked her if I could pray for her and she said “yes.” She was a sweet old granny.


 I prayed for her healing and each time I did I would help her move her arms up, and each time we prayed (quite a few times) she was able to move them higher and higher. Pretty soon she was able to wave her arms high as she wanted and any which way that she pleased. Praise God! I know we must have looked quite funny together. There I was praying for her and helping her move her arms as we prayed; it almost looked like we were doing some sort of workout together or something. I kept asking her to do whatever she couldn’t do before. By this time her arms were healed and freely moving so I moved to pray for her legs, but before I did I asked her to try them out. Many times I find while praying for one thing, something else also gets healed in the process. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened! Jesus had done it again and she was able to walk normally! As she walked, I told her to run and she broke out in a run! We were running together and whatever I would show her to do she would do. She was delighted and running around as excited as a kid at Christmas.


She was weeping with joy and thanking me, but I told her, “You want to know who healed you? Jesus healed you! You should say thank you to Him. You see how much He loves you? Do you know why? Because you are His priceless treasure!” She knew it was true and began to say a teary “Thank you Jesus” to the One and Only healer.


I was so amazed and overcome with joy that Jesus cared so much about this little old lady to free her from her crippled state and give her complete mobility again! Walking and lifting one’s arms up is something that we often take for granted, but for this little granny it meant everything! Praise Jesus that He cares so much for each one of us!


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