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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Growth On Head Disappears

Our maid had a growth on her head the size of a golf ball. One of our dogs had a curled up hind leg as someone cut her nail too short and one of her eyes was pink and gooey all the time. I decided to pray over these things every single day by laying my hands them and commanding these physical ailments to go away. After awhile, I got kind of downhearted as these things persisted and I so badly wanted to see complete healing in each situation. After a few weeks,I began to see that our dog was using her leg more often but then would resort to curling it back up again.

I love our maid; she’s a real sweetheart and was never bothered by the fact that I was praying every day for this lump to go away. Then one day it began getting soft (it was solid and very hard before then)–day after day, it became softer and softer. She went on holiday for Christmas and after she got back the skin was hanging and then it started flattening like normal skin! Our dog is also walking perfectly now and its eye is healed! Praise the Lord!

– Terez

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