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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Healing Testimonies

By Danni (Daughter) age 10

Yesterday I was having a really bad headache. I asked Martin, my mom and Phillip to pray for it.  They prayed for my headache, so I waited for a little bit and then my headache was completely gone! Thank  You Jesus!


By Steven van den Brink

Was sitting  in the train with Terez and Danni. We told the people we were missionaries and asked if anyone had a problem in his body. An Indian guy had a back pain, we laid hands on it and it got healed. When this other Italian guy saw this he suddenly wanted us to pray for his shoulder too. He got healed too! BLESS GOD
— with Danni Leclerc and Terez Leclerc


By Phillip Fouche

Tuesday we went to the prison to begin teaching the inmates on healing and their identity in Christ. We prayed for a gentleman that had HIV/Aids. Two nights ago my brother Martin received a phone call from prison. They underwent blood-tests and he has HIV/Aids no more! All glory to Jesus!


 Steven Van Der Brink

Yesterday in Rome, Chris laid hands on the knee of a guy that was walking with a crutch. The pain left immediately! I took his crutch from him and we told him to walk and he did!. PRAISE GOD!
— with Chris Chitts

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