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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Hindu Woman Healed In The Name Of Jesus

Yesterday we went to the hospital to pray for the sick and so many people that we prayed for were healed and experienced relief from their pain! Praise God! I have to say, the highlight for me was when we asked a Hindu family if we could pray for the elderly lady they were visiting (she was also a Hindu). We prayed fervently in the name of Jesus. She had a problem with her colon and was bleeding internally, (something that could not be seen) but all that we could see we prayed for and Jesus brought healing. Her right leg was extremely sore as were her ribs. Each time we prayed, her pain diminished more and more.

After praying a couple of times, all her pain was gone! It was obvious that she’d been in quite a bit of pain in the beginning. Her family was speaking to one another and were really amazed and impressed at seeing their mother comfortable and relieved from pain! Thank you Jesus! He is able to prove Himself to all those who believe and even those who don’t! What an exciting job we have!

– Terez

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