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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Holland Testimonies! Part 1 (Europe Mission 2012)

Our ten-day stay in Holland was very exciting! We joined up with some friends: Margreet, Marianne and David.

When we got to Holland, we went first to Amsterdam, where we walked the streets and prayed for people. In the afternoon we went to meet a friend of Margreet. We were standing outside his shop and we started praying for people on the streets. Many were healed instantly and others felt the power of the Holy Ghost running through their bodies as we prayed and encouraged them and demonstrated God’s love for them.

We noticed a few electric wheelchairs standing outside a shop and we wanted to see who they belonged to, so we walked into the Salvation Army base where they were serving food to the needy. We all got involved in praying for people there and many were healed. They were just ready to start the evening meeting and invited us to join them. They felt that God brought us together and let us share what was on our hearts. During prayer, a lady’s leg grew out and an older lady was delivered from demonic oppression. That night we slept over at the house of two of the people we met that evening and got to share more of the Gospel with them.

The next afternoon we had a seminar in Barneveld where about twenty people attended. We were also joined by our friends Andrew, Esther and Sarah. We taught and prayed for people and again many were healed! An amazing miracle happened as I prayed for a lady’s foot. Her bones actually started moving back into place right under my hand! Thank You Jesus!

The next morning we had a small gathering where people were asking questions. In the afternoon we continued the meetings and ministered to people who belonged to the local church in the area. The people were really receptive and enjoyed the teachings. After praying for them, some were healed and others were filled with the Holy Ghost. They asked us to come to their service and we did. We got to speak to the congregation and were surprised when they gave us their tithe! The Lord blessed us through these kind and generous people.

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