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Posted by on Feb 16, 2013

Miracles At Healing Service

I have given you authority

Last night my husband Chris and I went to a church healing service to help pray for the sick. Chris said that when he prayed for this one young man, the guy felt like he was flying; the Holy Spirit knocked him out. I prayed for two elderly ladies and one of them shook as I prayed for her and she started sweating profusely. The Lord showed me the specific details of what to pray for, which had to be the Holy Spirit as I knew almost nothing about her situation, and as I prayed fervently she nodded in agreement with tears streaming down her face. After the shaking and sweating the Lord filled her up with peace and restored her completely. Afterwards, this lady prayed the sweetest prayer in the world for me. She said, “Thank you Jesus for sending this angel to me. You know how much I needed it.” And I spoke to her about how much Jesus truly loves her and she accepted all that I said with a grateful heart.

Another elderly lady was suffering with emotional trauma over the illness of her husband. She thought that it was because of her lack of faith that he hadn’t been healed of a brain tumor. (We had prayed for her husband before and he had started to see out of the corner of his blind eye last time we prayed and we’re trusting the Lord for the complete healing) I prayed for this woman’s complete release from this spirit of guilt and oppression that the enemy had been pressing her down with and she cried tears of thankfulness. I also explained to her that it was us and not her that would have faith for her husband.

Both women felt such a lightness and joy of spirit inside which they expressed to me after the prayers. Jesus brought emotional healing to their hearts which is extremely important—how can we go on when our hearts are broken and so heavy? Both women hugged me tight after prayer. (I was so thankful to Jesus that I came to the service, as I was so tired from working the whole day that I almost didn’t come, but when I asked Jesus He told me to go.) Thank You Jesus for caring about us enough to heal us inside and out.

Only one woman asked me for prayer for something physical. She had an arm injury which was healed, literally, in an instant. Many others were healed and delivered in that service. The Lord’s presence was all around saving, delivering and making whole! What an awesome God we serve!

– Terez

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