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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

More Miracles!

Yesterday, after a church service, Chris and I were asked to help pray for the sick in the congregation. I prayed for an elderly lady with hip and back problems, both were healed and she began to cry out of thankfulness. Another young boy was also instantly healed of a leg and hand injury. He then turned to me with a heartfelt ‘thank you!’ as he was so thankful to have the use of all his limbs again and kept moving them around. I told him that it was nothing to do with me, that it was only Jesus! I told both of them to lift their hands and praise the Lord for healing them which they both did and it was a testimony to the others in the church of the Lord’s miraculous power. Another guy was blind in one eye and had bad sight in the other. After prayer, the one bad eye saw better and he began to see out of the corner of his blind eye too, but not full healing yet. We are still learning but are really excited for all the miracles we do see. We are seeing more and more and Jesus has definitely taken us to a whole new level! Praise God.





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