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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Paralyzed Woman Is Healed!


 Today we had such an amazing time at the hospital praying for the sick. At first, in a men’s ward, a young Afrikaans guy got healed. He had hepatitis and after praying for him he told me he felt the swelling in his stomach go down and the pain begin to leave. We prayed a second time and the swelling went down completely, as did the rest of the pain. I am so inspired about praying for the sick! It’s such a great feeling to get people healed!

The next ward was a ladies ward and they all seemed to have some sort of paralysis. We went from bed to bed binding the spirit of paralysis and speaking life over these women. We asked them to try to move the part of their bodies that they previously couldn’t. One woman was able to move her hand more than she’d been able to before! The next lady had had a stroke which resulted in paralysis of the left side of her body. She also had a blind eye. After praying we asked her to get up and move and a HUGE MIRACLE took place: all of a sudden she began to move her entire left side!

She began praising Jesus! We would ask her to do something and she would discover upon trying it that she could do it! She was so amazed by this that she wanted to show her doctor! She also began to see better out of her blind eye, which before she could only see darkness out of. We prayed again and again for her eye and her movement as each time we prayed she was able to both move and see more! It was such a testimony and very exciting for us!

This has got to be one of the most amazing miracles I’ve seen while praying for the sick – to date! As we were praying there, she danced around, moving in all the ways we asked her to, trying this and that. She was so excited to be moving freely, and so joyful that her blind eye was also receiving sight! Seeing this woman experience such an awesome healing was a major encouragement to us of God’s power up-close, and such a testimony to the other ladies who were watching God at work! Praise God! Our God is surely the God of MIRACLES!
– Terez



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