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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012

Heavenly Choir (Cebu, Philippines 2012)

Prior to the last seminar of our Asia trip, Philip and I were talking about how we really wanted to see the Holy Spirit move in tangible ways. I really don’t like our seminars to be speaking engagements, but in demonstration of the spirit and with power! So we decided that everyday we’d commit to speaking in tongues for fifteen minutes every day, which we did that night and the next morning. Usually I’m thinking about what to talk about, but this time, I waited to see what would happen.


The Holy Spirit sure showed up with numerous signs and wonders! Many people were instantly healed, knocked over in the spirit, or felt the fire of God move inside their bodies and were healed afterwards. However, my favourite thing was this: Phillip just let the spirit take over as he began to sing in tongues, and as he did, everyone else began to sing in tongues, harmonizing beautifully and singing from their hearts to Jesus. I promise you; it sounded like a choir from heaven flew down into that place! Never before had I heard anything as angelic as that. There were angels there for sure! I haven’t had that much fun ever! No one wanted to stop!


One of the amazing things that have been happening on this trip is that when I pray for people to be filled with the gift of tongues, they start speaking tongues on the spot. Even when they’re trying not to or if they’re quiet or shy, when the Holy Spirit takes over they can’t contain themselves! It’s like a beautiful overwhelming force consumes them. They cry with joy too, and are usually healed afterwards, even of emotional pain and broken hearts.


The other day two of our teens received the gift of tongues after we prayed for it. One of them has been speaking and singing in tongues freely ever since! All she wants to do is pray and sing in tongues and come help us pray for people at these seminars. She is fourteen and in such a short time has had such wonderful manifestations of the Holy Ghost when praying for others! Many of those that she prays for are healed and get knocked over and filled with the Holy Ghost! Praise You Jesus!





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