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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

God-Ordained Encounter in Cebu

I just wanted to share a testimony from our last and favorite seminar in the Philippines, in Cebu. At the seminar, we met a German couple that have been passionate about healing for years. This led them to learn all they could about how to heal others through studying acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, natural remedies, etc. They both knew they had a calling in healing, but did not know how this would come about.

 They went on a journey to the Philippines and were still on their search to find their destiny through healing. The Lord spoke to them and told them to wait three weeks and then the answer would come. Towards the end of the two weeks, as they began to wonder what, if anything, would happen, they met us. They came to our healing seminar and sat in the front row listening intently to every word spoken. They were the kind of people that you can tell are really absorbing and taking it all in.

 The guy was healed when we prayed for him. He had problems with his feet—not being able to stand for any length of time at all—and after prayer he was healed! He described what happened inside when we prayed for him and said that he felt energy and the fire of God pulsing through him in a way that he’d never felt it before! In a tangible way! Now they are putting what they’ve learned into practice and have finally discovered the destiny that God has for them.

This was a story of two people’s journey to a calling in healing and how the Lord led them to us. He even told them to wait three weeks for their life’s calling to be revealed, and only then did He allow our paths to cross! It was such a beautiful example to me of the Lord’s faithfulness and to direct us in our lives. He knows and cares about what’s important to us, and if we seek Him earnestly, He will bring to us the desires of our hearts.

– Terez


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