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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Speaking At The Hospital

529268_3877650454136_358322827_nRecently, before going to the hospital to pray for the sick, a lady contacted me who I had met at the hospital the previous week. (I had prayed for her son who was in the psychiatric ward because he was having mental problems.) She told me it was Mental Health Awareness Day and her son was going to be a speaker because he had been healed and she would like me to attend too. So awesome! But that’s not all.When I got to the function there were about 70 people from different medical professions, government health delegates and spiritual leaders. As I sat there, the boy’s mother asked if I could go up and say something about what happened and I agreed. She went and spoke to the event co-ordinator and he also agreed. I realized this was definitely God’s plan at work here.

After the person who was speaking finished, they called me up. So there I went and got to preach the Gospel in front of all these people and testify to all the medical profession of the miracles happening in the hospital. I was informed that spiritual leaders were attending, but nobody was representing Jesus. There were a lot of traditional healers there listening to the amazing things being done in Jesus’ name. They seemed to enjoy the message of God’s love.

When I sat down, the Hospital Manager thanked us for coming and praying for the people there every week and asked us to continue bringing God to their hospital. I was so inspired! Thank you Jesus!

– Chris

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