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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012

Supernatural Experiences

I just wanted to quickly share Mitt’s vision with you guys. He had a real life vision–not one of those where you see it in your mind’s eye. His was a dream where Jesus appeared to him and told him what his purpose and mission is.

It was a couple of weeks back when we went to the miracle pool service at an awesome, on-fire, new covenant church. The wonderful thing about this service is that they operate in the miraculous. Each time we go there people are having visions and experiencing the power of God and getting healed all over the place! Praise God! Anyway, this time as each of our boys went through the small pool and got prayed over they all just went down one by one. It was so awesome because none of these guys are small and when they go down it’s a lot of work to catch them in the pool and carry them out of the water, and put them down on the floor.

While Mitt was down he was making dream muttering noises. I was praying for the people as they were coming out of the pool, especially our team, as it’s so cool for all of us to see each other having real, supernatural experiences with Jesus!

As Mitt went down and started having his visions, I had my hand in the air over  where he was and I was praying. He was down for quite awhile and when he got up I asked him what happened and he told me his vision.

Vision: He said that he saw Jesus pouring green oil from what looked like one of those genie’s lamps and He was pouring this oil all over Thailand. Then Jesus told Mitt (who is from Thailand) that He had called him to bring Revival to Thailand. Then he had one more vision. His last vision was that he was an old man and he had accomplished everything that he’d wanted to in life and it felt awesome as he’d been obedient and done all that Jesus had called him to do. Praise the Lord!

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