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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012

Testimonies from Mission Trip to Europe 2011

I just wanted to share some of the highlights from our recent three-month mission trip to Europe. Two people were healed of arm injuries, two people were healed of knee injuries, and one lady was healed of a muscular disorder and raised her hands in praise and thankfulness to Jesus. Another lady was healed of arthritis. One girl had an inflamed appendix and actually felt a hand come and pull the pain out. Back injuries were healed and one lady was saying “It’s a miracle!” again and again to her friends after being healed.


 There were so many amazing miracles that happened and Jesus really stretched our faith and met us at every turn. We’re planning more mission trips in the near future.


 We also attended a TFI camp for young adults in Germany. It was just a regular camp, but we knew we only had a short while to be Jesus to people. Over breakfast one morning Tiago announced that we have a healing ministry and if anyone needed prayer to please come at any time to our bungalow. I went from table to table, introducing who we were and what we did and spreading the word for people who didn’t hear; it was a camp of 230 people.


Slowly people started coming to our bungalow and eventually we ran out of rooms to use. We had all divided up to pray for people and used every available space in that place. Many were healed and it was so amazing! The Lord gave us words of knowledge for people on several occasions. One young girl in particular was crying the whole time I prayed for her and after prayer she said, “Did you know that every single word you said is my exact heart cry? This morning I told the Lord to answer the exact questions that you prayed for. How did you know?” I told her it was all Jesus!


It was such an uplifting time to see Jesus at work, actively healing and caring for people and doing all the things that we, on our own, could never do! Hallelujah! He is faithful.


 Lately, when I pray for someone or I’m in some sort of environment where we’re singing and praying, my palms get very hot. For the past few years, I’ve had a strong urge to lay my hands on people and very often they are healed. For me, it always works better if I keep my hands on the person for a while and that’s when I see the best and most amazing results. When I can feel the heat begin that’s when I know I need to stay even if it takes a little more time.


Also, I feel I must stress the point of taking time to love people. I hate just running about and praying mechanically. I want my time with each person to be healing, not only for their bodies, but for their hearts and spirits too. Jesus came to bind the broken-hearted and I believe that a big part of the change comes from within.


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