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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

The Holland Adventure Continues (Europe Mission 2012)


Our next destination was Velp. We taught some seminars there. So many people attended that the whole house was full. After sharing the Gospel, many more were healed and touched and delivered from demonic oppression. I noticed one older lady and the Lord showed me to give her a long hug; He was showing me that she had a broken heart and needed love. It turned out that she did, and had many painful memories which needed healing. She said that when I hugged her it felt just like Jesus was hugging her. She had tears in her eyes and was very touched. She was marvellously restored, and when we met her a few days later, she was a different person.

We had two days of meetings and saw many manifestations of the Lord’s power.

Our next destination was Biddinghuizen and we met some wonderful people there that ran a home for abused children. We held a meeting in the evening where we shared the word and then taught the children to pray for each other. Every person there got healed! Praise Jesus! We were excited to see the young people from this home excited, on-fire and praying in tongues. They had a sincere passion for the Lord which was beautiful to see.

We spent the night there and our hosts, Michele and Natasha, were a real blessing to us. The next day we left to another guy’s house in Eindhoven where we got to share the Gospel with him.

And that was the end of our adventure in Holland. Thanks to Andrew, Esther, Collin, Margreet, Sarah, Marianne and David. The Lord did so many wonderful things and we are just so thankful to be a part of it!

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