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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

The Lame Walk With Jesus’ Power!

Today the lame walked with Jesus’ power! It was my first time to pray for a lame person that received strength and was able to walk! My sister Julie and another girl named Angela came with me to the hospital to pray for the sick. We went from bed to bed and one girl was delivered from demonic oppression and each person we prayed for experienced relief from pain immediately after prayer. The most exciting miracle was this woman who was able to begin to walk with Jesus’ power! I knew that I had to get people up out of bed after praying but sometimes it so hard especially today as these ladies were all paralyzed.

This last woman could move her legs but had absolutely no strength in her knees and when someone would help her up she would just crumble. (She told me this later.) After we came in and prayed for her, we asked her to get up. At first she wasn’t sure about testing her legs, but then after telling her we’d be on either side of her, we helped her up; and the more she walked the more she felt strength pouring into her legs such as she’d never felt before! So much so that she burst into tears of joy as she came to the realization that she could walk again! She was still wobbly and uncoordinated but the more we walked the more she was able to take steps herself; she said that she could never do that before as her knees were too weak! Our God is a God of miracles and we know and believe it because we see it every week! Praise you Jesus! It is SO WONDERFUL to help people in ways that matter! Thank you Jesus!

– Terez


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