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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012

Word of Knowledge for an Estate Agent

We have been looking for a new house so I’ve been viewing a lot of houses recently and have been to lots of appointments with different agents. Since I don’t drive (I know…I’ve got to learn and I will!), the agents have been picking me up to take me to see the houses. I love going alone as the Lord has been opening up opportunities for me, to encourage and pray for these people when they’re facing difficulties or feel all alone0—as we all do at times.

This one woman was suffering from a broken heart, even after twenty-three years of being divorced. As she was speaking to me about her pain and all that her children were going through, it was clear that she was still hurting and hadn’t received emotional healing. So I asked her if her heart was still sore and she said that, yes, it was. I asked her if I could pray for her heart to receive healing and she said I could.

She was crying, but after prayer she said she felt peace. Praise the Lord! I love how our God is so practical that at any time you can bring His love and healing to someone who was in pain or struggling and then they get to experience His love washing it all away!

About a week ago was my favourite of these experiences. A really beautiful, older woman picked me up and took me to see a house. On the way home she started to tell me the difficulties she was facing in her life: she was the sole provider, as her marriage had been over for many years now; she had no one to talk to (and there are times when you need someone there who you can bounce things off of, and share ideas and joys with and get the encouragement and prayer you need), and that it was hard being all alone.

As she was talking, the Lord began to speak to me about this woman. I could see that she was a perfectionist, always trying to make things perfect for everyone else. She gave a lot and some people took advantage of her giving spirit. She was also working so hard to get ahead, feeling that the harder she laboured the more she would accomplish. I could also see that this method wasn’t working or yielding the desired fruit. I felt that the Lord was telling her to stop thinking she had to work so hard in the flesh and that when she would stop, He would take over and propel her forward. Jesus was asking her to fall back on Him, but He wanted her to trust Him completely to catch her, and that as she did He would free her of this burden. I began to see that Jesus didn’t want her to suffer financially or in any way. This woman needed freedom and Jesus wanted to give it to her.

From the first moment that I began to see these things, I started telling her what the Lord was showing me and she began to cry, saying, “Yes, it’s true!” After I finished speaking I prayed for her, for a breakthrough in her finances as well as for peace in her heart and internal healing.

I prayed for many things as the Lord was speaking to my heart—as I often feel in my heart what to pray for, and after praying, people very regularly ask, “How did you know that?” And I always tell them that I don’t know anything and that all I do is share one sentence at a time as Jesus puts the words on my heart.

Anyway, after speaking over this woman and praying for her she wiped away her tears, saying, “You know, often people pray for me or speak over my life and I can take some of it, but some just goes right over my head. But with you, every single word you said was exactly for me!” Then she said, “Jesus knew I needed this today so He sent you to me. You are my angel!” And I couldn’t take the credit because I knew it was only Jesus. So I just said, “Well, thank you Jesus! You see how much He cares for you? You were on God’s heart and mind today, so He sent me to you! This was a divine appointment!” She wholeheartedly agreed.

I was excited as I came out of the car and I shared this testimony with my mom. She’s usually the one I share things with first as she has a mother’s interest, and that is important for every child! She’s always really excited about every testimony, story or anything I have on my heart, which is so nice. There were times in my teen years when we had a distant relationship, but now Jesus has really brought us together and we’re great friends! It’s so awesome what Jesus can do! So all you parents that feel discouraged about your relationship with your kids –take heart! If Jesus can do it for us, He can and will do it for you too!

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